Quality Control

In order to honor its mission statement to produce table olives of the highest quality and absolutely safe for consumption, Latrovalis & Co. implements the H.A.C.C.P. system in accordance to the requirements of the European Regulation 852/2004, as well as the International food safety management system ISO22000:2005 which has been awarded by QMS-Cert, accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System - E.SY.D.

To ensure the daily implementation of our safety management systems, we at Latrovalis & Co:

  • use the strictest criteria in the selection of our raw materials, cooperating only with reliable providers who are continuously monitored and evaluated.
  • follow strict guidelines concerning the cleanliness and hygiene of our premises and machinery.
  • continuously train and monitor all staff.
  • adhere to our rigid quality control standards throughout the production process.
  • go beyond the legal requirements for controls of raw materials and products.

These preventive measures, in cooperation with the concerted effort and ever-expanding know-how of management, ensure that our products not only meet and surpass all the required standards but are also of the highest quality, able to gastronomically satisfy the most demanding epicure.

"Dedicated to the Craft of Curing Olives"