Three Generations of Loyalty to Quality


The Pioneer

Dimitris Latrovalis, a pioneering spirit, started it all in 1983. Familiar with the age old traditional methods of curing olives, he knew too well that you always need to start with the best quality crop. He went to great lengths to secure the best raw olives for his home-based curing workshop.

Sold at the local farmers' market in Serres every Tuesday, his table olives were an instant success.

Within months he started selling at all the the farmers' markets in the surrounding towns.

Establishing close ties with his customers and having gained their trust, he frequently completed orders for table olives that their immigrant relatives took back to their adopted countries. These ‘fruits of nostalgia’, which were often shared with foreign friends, became the first atypical exports of the family’s products.


The Trailblazer

Vasilis Latrovalis, the family’s only son, honored his responsibility to help his father, sacrificing most of his leisure time as a student.

This responsibility soon turned into total devotion when he decided he would take over the family craft. Capitalizing on his years of apprenticeship beside his father - the master - and the growing encouragement of their loyal customers, he set a life’s goal to move their passion for excellence from their home-based workshop to a full-blown factory.

After years of careful planning and preparation in October 1996 he personally drove the first truck-load of carefully selected olives through the factory gates.

Exports started to the Balkans and quickly spread to the rest of Europe and the Middle East.


The Trendsetters

Dimitris Latrovalis – Factory Operations, Evi Latrovali – International Marketing, Theodora Latrovali – Food Technology – and Chrysa Latrovali – Business Administartion – had a precious legacy to safeguard and convey to the new millennium.

Having formed a well-orchestrated team, they have already gone a long way, but refuse to rest on their laurels.

Confident that their table olives deserve a place on the shelves of specialty delicatessens the world over to be savoured by discerning epicures, they tirelessly strive for product quality, business efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Adhering to a firm corporate social responsibility model, their vision is firmly affixed to the future.

"Dedicated to the Craft of Curing Olives"